7 Jan

P1080302I’m the type of person who likes to start a New Year with resolutions. These thoughtful musings have contained echoes of the same basic elements over the past decade. Most, if not all, of these new beginnings have included wanting to find my ultimate career or job. This year is different for me in several respects. First of all, we were just back in the US on New Year’s Day from Scotland and England, and my brain was still absorbing the trip. I’ve been jet lagged and scattered since and not in the best state of mind to be resolute about much of anything.

The second and more important difference is that I’m coming into 2013 with a real career plan. When I officially started my business in April of last year, I felt good. And I’ve continued to feel better and better about the choices I’ve made this year. Me and Paper Cake Scissors are ready to embrace another busy and profitable year. Instead of having to reinvent what I’m doing this year, I can fine-tune: make goals, look at financials, and brainstorm new ideas that I want to incorporate. This is such a relief after circling around and around the career question for too many years. And as a result, I feel ready to look outside of myself. I can stop being selfishly engulfed in the What am I doing with my life? question. I can move on.

I’m especially happy to have this clarity now, because I know that 2013 will be one of the most challenging, satisfying, and rewarding years yet for me, my business, and my family. Happy New Year.


2 Responses to “Reflections”

  1. Ornament Studio January 17, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

    We moved to Vermont from New Mexico over two years ago now and it seems like the past two years were spent making things work as opposed to really just continuing what we had started. And then, it seems like suddenly we are in the place you describe, not re-inventing anymore, but fine tuning instead. This is a very exciting place to be, isn’t it? Great fun to hear someone else describing this experience. Wishing you a great year!

    • Paper Cake Scissors January 24, 2013 at 8:49 am #

      Thanks so much for your comment, Ornament Studio! I am so happy to be starting the year with a plan—it’s a great place to be. Wishing you a happy and successful year as well!

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